Since the beginning of February for my Erasmus program, I live in Prague, in the Masarykova dormitory with 600 other foreign students. And after visiting a lot a breweries, concentration camps, cities, countries, I can say that Prague is -for me – the most beautiful city in Europe.

With these 1.2 millions inhabitants, Prague is known for its beautiful architecture, its picturesque sites, its monument and its colorful streets.

I’ve never seen a city so animated by so many events, the city tours, the parties, the meeting with celebrities, etc. The common transports are very useful, we can travel around the city almost every time we want without a car because the tramway, the metro and the bus are constantly available. The Czech Technical University is a huge university in Prague where we were integrate very well and learnt us how to discover this beautiful city specially with one of these games called “Discovery Prague Game”. It’s one of the most student city in the world. Indeed, almost all students from everywhere speak at least 2 languages very well and even some merchants. There is around 110 000 foreign students in Prague so we constantly have to speak English even if there is also a lot of French people. The only negative fact that I found it’s the tourists are not welcomed well. If you start to speak English because you don’t know how to speak Czech, sometimes you feel that you annoy your interlocutor.


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