I made a trip to south Bohemia last week:

Thaddée (a friend from Esaip) and I left just the morning after the inteGREATion party (it was a little bit hard to wake up), for a two days trip to see the charms of South Bohemia.

Budweiser Budvar:

The first stop was the visit of Budvar brewery in Ceske Budejovice (yes here they like beer), we had a tour organised for the visit of the brewery and the museum of  Budvar history in the brewery complex. It was pretty nice and we could have a taste of the unpasteurised beer, it is a bit different but in my opinion it’s better than a regular beer because it is bitter. The tour was nice, we had the opportunity to visit one of the biggest breweries in Czech Republic

I give you a look of the visit:

Hluboka Castle:

After Budweiser Budvar we ate Czech traditional food in a typical restaurant near Hluboka Castle. This Castle is very surprising, it was the hunting castle of the Schwarzenberg family, a rich family of Czech Republic. Originaly built in the XII century by Ottokar II “the Bohemian” it was rebuild in a neogothical style by Oscar Schwarzenberg during 1841 and 1871 inspired by the Windsor Castle. Around the Castle there is a beautiful park, sadly during the winter all the flowers disappear because of the cold. Inside the castle there are many hunting trophies, maybe to many. Again we had a tour with a guide, it was difficult to understand by her strong accent.


Cesky Krumlov:

After the visit of the Castle we went eating and sleeping in a hostel in Cesky Krumlov a beautiful little city not far of the Austrian border.We let our stuffs in the hostel where we had one hour of break, it was the perfect time to take a nap :). We ate in a big restaurant and the atmosphere was very nice, the food was good and the dark beer really go along with it. After the meal we almost all went to a small pub to have a nice night.

The morning after we had another organised tour around the city, after seeing the city at night and in the morning I can tell that it is a place to visit if ever you are in Czech Republic. Also there is a story with a barber in a Romeo and Juliet style which gave the city more charm.



Finally we went to Lipno a ski station at the Austrian border where we ate something, I can’t really tell you what it was, but it was OK. There we went to hike in the treetops and we had a beautiful 360 degrees view. We had to walk a lot in the snow and we went to a platform of 250m high, and to access that platform we had to hike in the treetops. The view was breathtaking and we had a chance to have a clear ski which made the thing a hundred times better. After that we had 6h bus to return to Prague, where we all had the sleepy night we deserved.



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