Plzeň, pronounced “Pilzen” is a city with a surface area three times more than Angers which is called “The capital of the beer” because there is a brewery where the most famous lager called Pilsner Urquell (“The ancient source” in German) is made. Also written Pilsen, it’s the fourth biggest city in Czech Republic.

Most known for their breweries, Adrian and I visited the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery and it’s was just AWESOME.

It’s a kind of a small city into Pilsen. This is what does the entrance of the brewery look like : 20170304_103616.jpg

But when we came into the brewery, it’s look like a factory and it’s smells a particular odor.


But there is another buildings with a lot of boilers and mixers where the hop and the malt are mixed :

Then, at the end of the visit, we could taste the original Pilsner Urquell directly from the beer barrel.

My italian roomate and I on the foreground with Adrian and Victor on the background tasting the beer

The brewery was very big and very interesting. It contains the biggest lift in the world and the biggest restaurant in Czech Republic which there is more than 600 seats.


At the total end of the trip, we could visited the city. I let you admire the photos.



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