We just finished our Orientation Week at CTU, it is the integration week for all the new students in every department of CVUT.

This was our planing:

Monday 13/02/17:
-First information meeting (article picture)
-Tandem evening at Cafe v Lese

I had a meeting point in Strahov dormitory (Adrián’s Dorm) but as all the others are staying an Masarykova dormitory and as I was early woke up I decided to join the others in the meeting point at Masarykova. It was so crowded in the hall because most of the 270 new exchange students live there so the hall was full, then we all walked with members of the ISC to the architecture and IT department (CF: article about our University). There we all stay in a very particular amphitheater (because it was not very big, but it was very inclined) where we where given a presentation of the ISC organisation of our Week and of the University. After that many others persons came: the university head director, the international relationships coordinator and the sport coordinator. It was quite long fortunately we had two 10min breaks with coffee offered by the ISC.

In the night we went to the Tandem evening, This Tandem evening are culture exchanges. This time we went to Cafe v Lese which is a small Cafe in the neighborhood of Lese, I guess you get that in Czech “v” means “in”. We had to put stickers with our name and the flags of the languages we speak and the languages we wanted to improve. For example in mine it was the french, the Spanish and the UK flags where I speak and the Czech, the german and the Italian flags that I wanted to improve. Unfortunately I could not  detach the sticker so I wrote if down 😦 . There we first took a beer an went to speak with Frenchs, Italians, Romanians, Spanish, Portuguese and of course Czechs It was very nice.


Tuesday 14/02/17:
-Registration at the faculty
-Second information meeting

We went to the IT faculty with a member of ISC who helped us to know the way, and there we where just a few persons, mostly french. We had the speak from our Faculty Director. It was supposed to be a formality but we had a HUGE surprise. We are four IT students from ESAIP to come in Prague and we are supposed to take “Database Systems”, “Software Engineering” and “Object-Oriented Programming” so we waited to sign up for these courses, but SURPRISE!!!
of the four students none of us have the same courses, I, for example have only “Software Engineering” because “Database Systems” is full and “OOP” was canceled to a lack of students. We are in the deep s**t!
We contact our school ESAIP and the coordinators here at CVUT but we don’t have any solution yet, so I hope we are not going to lose our semester du to an error of the faculties.

In the afternoon we had a second meeting about informations with ISC, but I was not in the mood so I honestly don’t remember what it was about.
-Prague Discovery Game
-InteGREATion party

We began our day trying to find a solution to our problem, but when you are abroad it is very difficult.

We went to the faculty where we had a meeting to discover the city of Prague. We where randomly split in groups of 4-5  and we had 7 hours to succeed some quests and answer some questions about Prague in 4 neighborhoods of Prague and the team who succeed more quests win a price. It was nice I was with 2 girls from USA, 1 guy from India, and 1 guy from Argentina. It was funny and we finished with a total of 56.5 points, we di not win but we where one of the top 5 teams. Of course we stop to have a beer :).

I did not went to the inteGREATion party because I was to tired and I had to send mails to try to solve the problem with our courses.


Pictures of my group for the Prague Discovery Game



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