During our orientation week which took place on Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th 2017, the International Student Club (ISC) members from the Czech Technical University (CVTU) shown us some trips that they organized for all foreigners students. There were 6 trips introduced by them and we could visit some breweries, some castles, some small beautiful towns but there was a specific trip that interested me more than the others called “South Moravia Wine Trip”. It was a 2-day trip where we was in South Moravia, a region in the South Eastern of Czech Republic where we visited a castle after eating into a restaurant, then we went to a wine cellar for the dinner and tasting some different wines.

It was very interesting not because we had unlimited wine but because it was very interesting to know how does the wine is made, what are the feelings that we are expected to feel after drinking some particular kind of wine or how do we are supposed to taste exactly the wine. After a good night and some dificulties for some of us to wake up, the breakfast was offered into the hotel where we slept and we went to visit a cave. It was a very big cave with some undergroung lakes formed by the rock and some giant stalagmites and stalactites. A part of our cave immersion was done by boat, its was so exciting. We ate a last time at the restaurant before going back to Prague.

Fabien Perrichot (from ESAIP) and I with american, finnish and portuguese people around the table for the wine tasting.

It was a very beautiful experience in the sens that you can visit some historical places of Czech Republic, eat some czech food, meet a lot of people from everywhere around the world (Australia, USA, Quebec, Finland, Taiwan, Romania, Slovaquia, etc.) and making new friends.

I would like to thanks a lot the ISC organizers members to organized this trip. It was so exciting ! I enjoyed my trip (:


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